Frequently Asked Questions

  What does Prairie Sky Loans do?

Prairie Sky Loans provides online payday loans to Canadian customers. Our payday loans are designed to solve temporary cash-flow needs.

  How do I apply for a loan from you?

The process is super quick and easy. Just complete our online payday loan application with Prairie Sky Loans by clicking: Apply Now. We will let you know within seconds if your application has been pre-approved. If approved, we will get your online payday loan to you promptly!

  How fast can I get a payday loan?

Prairie Sky Loans is committed to making sure you get your loan as quickly as possible. We fund payday loans by email transfer. The biggest time factors involved are your financial institution and the time of your application.

  What will I need to provide to get a payday loan?

To get a payday loan with Prairie Sky Loans, you will need to:

  • • Have your own, valid email account
  • • Provide us with your home or cell phone number
  • • Be a Canadian resident 19 years old or older
  • • Have an open bank account with a Canadian bank or credit union
  • • Get paid by direct deposit
  • • Have at least a monthly net income of $800
  •       (A lot of sources of income, can be counted toward this total. That includes child tax credits, EI and pensions for example. Include such income sources in the Employment Details of your application and you're ready to go.)

  Do I need to have a job?

You must have at least a monthly net income of $800 to get a Prairie Sky Loans payday loan.
A lot of sources of income, can be counted toward this total. That includes child tax credits, EI, and pensions for example.
Include such income sources in the Employment Details of your application and you're ready to go.

  How much interest do I have to pay for a loan?

All our fees and interest charges are listed on our website and on your application form, as well as on the loan agreement. So there are no surprises. If you miss a payment, interest will continue to accumulate on the outstanding balance of your loan until paid in full.

Province Interest Fees & Transparency NSF fees
Alberta $15 per $100 $25
British Columbia $15 per $100 $20
Manitoba $17 per $100 $5
Newfoundland & Labrador $21 per $100 $20
Nova Scotia $19 per $100 $40
Ontario $15 per $100 $25
Prince Edward Island $15 per $100 $48
Saskatchewan $17 per $100 $25

  When do I need to pay back my loan?

Payment will be due on your next scheduled pay date, unless your next pay date occurs in the next two days; in that case, payment is extended to your following pay date.

  If I take out a loan, how soon can I borrow again?

Our policy requires the borrower to pay any existing loans in full before applying for another. But once that’s paid off, you can apply again. Our priority is to support you to borrow responsibly. So the service we offer our customers provides critical assistance at important times, rather than being a fixture of your long term planning.

  How do I send the money to pay back my loan?

Prairie Sky Loans will withdraw your payment automatically and directly from your bank account on the agreed date.

  What happens if I can't pay my loan?

If you don’t pay your loan within the agreed term, you will be contacted to arrange payment, and additional fees may apply, as described in your Prairie Sky Loans Loan Agreement. Your account will be handled by Our professional collections team to help you manage payments. We do our best to help you figure out a solution, and avoid handing your account to an outside collection team, as repeated failure to honor loan payments can impact your credit score for up to six years.

  What is the maximum I can borrow, if I've borrowed from you before and always repaid?

If eligible, you can borrow up to $1,500! Payday loans can not exceed 50% of your monthly net income.
Log into your Prairie Sky Loans Account and submit an application to see what you qualify for.

  Can I get a loan if I do not own my own home?

Absolutely. All we need is a current address, details of your income, plus a guarantee to pay your payday loan, in order to consider your application.

  Do you need any personal information from me?

We look at banking, personal, and employment information when we’re reviewing online applications for payday loans. But your information is kept strictly confidential, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

  Do you do a credit check?

We may perform a credit check as one component of our automated decision making process. But Prairie Sky Loans advanced algorithmic analysis looks at many factors when judging a loan candidate’s credit-worthiness. So to have the best chance of being accepted for a loan, make sure the information you provide on your online application is accurate.

  I have bad credit. Is that a problem?

Bad Credit will not necessarily disqualify you. Your Credit is one of the many factors our automated system considers when looking at your application, along with income, payment history and other factors. So don’t let bad credit stop you from applying for a loan you need.

  Do I have to explain why I want a loan?

No. You don’t need to explain your reasons for applying for a loan, or tell us how you plan to use the money. As long as you are able to pay your loan back responsibly, we are here to help you through any cash flow gaps.

  Is your service impacted by public holidays and weekends?

Yes, because a loan cannot be deposited at your bank unless it is open for business.

  What if I'm unhappy with Prairie Sky Loans's service?

We want your Prairie Sky Loans experience to be great! If you’re not happy with our service, please let us know by filling out a feedback form. And if that doesn’t fix the issue, you can submit a formal complaint via "". We are continually working to make our service better, and we want your feedback!

  So how do I apply?

It’s super easy! Just click Apply Now and follow the application steps. If you’re approved, you could receive a loan in as little as an hour.

  As a new customer, how much can I borrow the first time?

New customers can receive loans from $100-$1,500 depending on your income. Payday loans can not exceed 50% of your monthly net income.

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